Welcome to ATSimTest!

This is the new and upgraded version of what was formerly known as EuroTest.

We are proud to be the chosen ATC theory test application for: West Asia (VATWA) and Southeast Asia (VATSEA).

You must be a member of a participating ATSimTest division to use this system.

Important Update – Using the VATSIM Connect Single-Sign-On System

Starting today, Feb 11th 2021, ATSimTest uses the VATSIM Connect Single-Sign-On (SSO) system. That means that when you're logging in, you will see a different page; but the process remains the same. You enter your VATSIM credentials, and then you are redirected back to ATSimTest.

Privacy Policy

ATSimTest has a new privacy policy that comes into effect May 25, 2018 and incorporates changes required by the GDPR. Nothing has changes in the way we are processing data; we're just providing clarification on what we do.

You can view the new policy here: New Privacy Policy

Important: How to request a test?

In order to request a test, you need a so called "token". This token can be issued by your VACC. Please contact your VACC training department for this.


If you have any questions, please contact the ATSimTest staff via the Contact Us page.

Privacy note: ATSimTest uses Google Analytics for usage statistics. VATSIM respects your privacy; therefor, this system supports - and respects - the "Do not track"-header. If you enable this (consult your browser documentation or http://donottrack.us/ on whether your browser supports this and how to switch it on), you will not be tracked by Google Analytics.