Frequenty Asked Questions

What is ATSimTest?

ATSimTest (former Eurotest) is the web-based training and examination system of the VATSIM Europe Division. You can read the whole story on the About ATSimTest page.

I canĀ“t log in - why?

Not all VATSIM Regions and Divisions are participating in ATSimTest. If you are a member of a participating division (best ask your VACC about this), make sure that your status at VATSIM reflects this. Go to "Member Services" on the main VATSIM website to check this.

Please note that all changes made at the VATSIM server are only downloaded into ATSimTest three times a day. So please be patient.

I was told I had to take a theoretical test here. How should I do so?

Please refer to the Step-by-Step document.

I'm a vACC (training) director. How does the system work?

Please refer to the vACC information document.

I'm a vACC (training) director. I'm confused as to what token I need to issue and when.

Please refer to our detailed flowchart document.

I'm a vACC (training) director. A member from my vACC was issued a READY (or RETEST) token, yet he is not able to take the test. What should I do?

In order to take a test you need the relevant READY or RETEST token, but you should also NOT have the relevant PASSED token. Check if there is a PASSED token already assigned to the member's file. If so, you should contact the ATSimTest Chief to have it removed.

I'm a vACC (training) director. A member from my vACC shows a token which has expired (red color). What should I do?

You should contact the ATSimTest Chief in order to have the expired token removed. After that you will be able to re-issue the token, hence extending the validity.