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Important Notice

Starting October, 2014, VATSIM uses a new method to authenticate users of related websites, such as ATSimTest. This method uses OAuth/Single Sign On. It will improve security of your VATSIM user data and make it harder to steal your account credentials.

When you log in using this new method, you will be briefly redirected to the VATSIM authentication website, where you have to enter your VATSIM ID and password. The authenticate website will then return you to ATSimTest and will pass on the information who you are and that you have entered your credentials correctly.

Please use the "Login using SSO" link below to use the new login method.


In order to log in here, it is important that you are registered as a member of a participating division of VATSIM (check the About ATSimTest page for details). Just being a member of a participating division is not sufficient.

Having trouble to log in?

If the login does not work for you, please contact us through the "Contact us" page, and the ATSimTest staff will be happy to help.

Log in using OAuth (VATSIM Single Sign On)

Click here to log in using the OAuth/SSO method.