About ATSimTest

ATSimTest (former EuroTest) is a web-based training and examination system of multiple divisions within VATSIM.

Here you can prove your knowledge and skills to achieve a higher rating within the VATSIM organization.

You must be a registered member of one of the participating divisions to use this system.

ATSimTest is essentially version 4 of the EuroTest application which goes back to 1999 when it was initially developed to help bring in a standard in the process of rating upgrade requests, which to this point in Europe was done manually by each vACC. Due to limited resources, getting a controller rating upgrade was a long and complicated process. EuroTest helped to change this.

A major enhancement came with version 3 of EuroTest which went live in April 2004, the process became even more streamlined, saving valuable human resources for those tasks that computers cannot do for us, and making the upgrading process easier than ever for our members.

Between 2007 and 2009 several enhancements were made such as the ability to have dedicated or specific questions relating to a vACC or Country, thereby allowing local training staff to place more focus into local matters.

March 2011 saw a big change in that Eurotest was chosen by the African Division (North and Central). We were and remain very proud of this show of trust and will continue to offer our system and structure to any other Division of VATSIM that requires our services.

This new version which went live on April 2nd 2012 is once again a huge milestone as it will not only make the process ever easier to manage but will also allow for pilot training questions to be taken into the equation.

Due to legal reasons the name EuroTest has however been discontinued and whilst ATSimTest is orginally hosted and maintained by VATEUD the application is available for any Division within VATSIM who wishes to take advantage of its flexibility and feature.

If you want to know how it all works, please have a look at the FAQ page; or, if you already know how this works, go to the Upgrade Info page and check if you're entitled for a controller rating upgrade.

If you have any questions that our FAQ doesn't answer, don't hesitate to contact the ATSimTest staff. You will find staff contacts on the Contact Us page.

April 2012